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We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

I have gone to many specialists, and this place is the bomb! Eugene has helped me more than any other specialist could. Eugene made sure that I got the best hearing aid that fits my needs. He especially made sure I got the best hearing aid in order for me to pass the hearing requirements for my job at the Department of Transportation. I have been going to him since 1994. He is the best! Thanks Hearing Aid Specialists Inc!

Victor G. -Reseda, CA

I am so happy I decided to get my 2 new hearing aids from Hearing Aid Specialists Inc. Good service, kind people who care, and new hearing aids that work like a charm. They are digital, talk to each other, and work so much better than my old ones.

People hug me and there is no whistling from the aids. I can hear in restaurants. I can hear even when people are facing away from me.
I am a happy customer, and servicing them is free and easy with the service plan and guarantee. The best Xmas present I ever gave myself.

Vicky P.- North Hollywood, CA.

Aloha Gene. I just want to take a moment and thank you very much for the first class service you provided my clients Mr.& Mrs. Stolaroff. Milton has been so much happier and we have enjoyed a normal voice range. His trustee and family are thrilled to be able to have him present in conversations. Ursula will take some training but I can handle. She soon will be enjoying life a little more.

Much aloha. I will be in touch.


I live in Colorado Springs and wear behind the ear Phonak hearing aids. My loss is profound in certain ranges so having my aids in good working condition is critical for me in all situations – but especially during a vacation. I had driven my family to Burbank to visit my brother for a weeks vacation when all the sudden one of my aids decided to give up the ghost and die. I’m in trouble and need help – and quick. I walked into Hearing Aid Specialists and met with Eugene Lipin. Right from the beginning he offered to help send in the aid for repair and when he realized I was visiting from Colorado Springs he immediately offered to lend me a demo aid to get me through my vacation – just like that my issue was solved and I was back on the road. Thank you Eugene for your honesty, help, and for trusting me. I was able to enjoy my vacation and hear all that was going on because of your kindness. A show of good character is not a one time event but a daily choice and you proved to me that you and your company are of the highest character. Your customers can trust you to do what’s right for them. I highly recommend you to anyone in your area looking for a caring, honest, and fair specialsit who they can trust. I will visit you the next time in your neck of the woods and thank you once again.

David W.- Colorado Springs

My Mom recommended these guys as I followed her down the road of serious hearing loss. I took her advice and have no regrets. The sell and install cycle went like clockwork and maintainance issues were quickly and professionally addressed. Mom was with them for well over a decade and bragged about their service. As usual, she was right. I started with In-Ear units and eventually upgraded to BTE devices. These guys know what they are doing and are always ready to help with rountine free services like cleanings and tune ups. No complaints and would recommend to anyone.

Chuck D.- Los Angeles, CA

Dear Mr. Lipin: No wonder old people forget to turn off their turn indicators. They can’t hear them! That’s not my problem, any more, thanks to you and your hearing aid expertise. By going to Hearing Aid Specialists, I found that getting a hearing aid can be painless, enjoyable, financially within my budget and such a pleasant surprise. I therefore would like to thank you and your employees for your knowledge, professionalism and patience. I will certainly recommend to any and all, your establishment for the best in hearing aid technology and excellent service. Not only do I thank you but so do my children, my relatives and I sure anyone, with whom I’m trying to converse.

Barbara J.-Burbank, CA